Add Mood Lighting 

Right Floor

This mod works for any model but if you have a Limited you can tie it into your existing mood light circuit making brighness controllable from the same button used for the OEM mood lighting.  Other models will use a potentiometer as shown to do the same thing.

What You'll Need:led

1 Small LED strips like the one shown or your choice.  They're available in many colors and lengths but I used blue to match the existing mood lights.

2. A couple of T-tap connectors to connect your new wiring to existing circuits t-tap

4.7k Ohm Pot

3. A 4.7k ohm, 2 watt linear potentiometer if you don't have a Limited (or even if you do if you don't want to tie into the existing mood light system.

4. Wire

If you've rounded up everything you need then let's get busy!

1. Determine where you want to mount your mood lights.  I put mine under the driver and passenger seats so there would be a nice blue glow on the floors (front and rear) while driving at night.  With the limited there are already mood lights available for the cup holders, door pulls and just over the glove box.  You might want to install your led's under the dash.  Anyplace is good but some spots make wire runs a little easier.


2. Tie your new lights into the car's night lighted (when the headlights are on) system.  The simplest place to do this is in the center console.  Just pull straight up on the cup holder section and you'll feel clips releasing (yellow tabs in the photo).  Note the Limited has mood lighting in the cup holders.  Those are the wires you'll probably want to tie into for this project.  Non limiteds, find the wire running to the shift display light.  Splice into that with a T-tap.  Note, that lighted cup holder assembly is available from any Toyota dealer if you want to add it.

3. Under Seat StripConnect wiring from your newly installed taps to wherever you're mounting your leds.  If under the seat you can run down between the console and car body then under the carpet to seats.  There is a nice spot on each side to stick the strip.  Make sure you leave some slack if you're mounting under the seat so there's no issue with seat movement pulling on wires.

3a. If you want your new mood lighting to be dimmable all you hControllerave to do is add a potentiometer.  Even though my lights can be controlled by the overhead console switch, I added the pot for a little extra control.  It's in the center console as shown here and simply connects in series with either of the wires (+ or -) going to the lights.  Note, most pots have three connections.  You'll always use the center connection, the outer pins determine whether intensity goes up when turning the control to the right or the left.

4. Tidy up and wait for darkness.  Right FloorMake sure all your extra wire is hidden and safe from bleft flooreing snagged by anything.  If you can't wait for it to get dark you can always shut the garage door, turn out all the lights then turn on your parking lights and make vroom vroom noises while enjoying the new ambience to your night ride. 

5. Enjoy!