Secure A Tool/Go Bag In The Trunk


Do you have a tool bag or go bag of some sort you'd like to keep in the trunk but out of the way?  How's this for a solution?  Install a hook on the trunk wall right next to the Avalon's access hatch so you can grab the bag either from the trunk or inside the car.  It's a very simple mod and doesn't have to cost anything at all.  Note, This tutorial assumes you're using the same hook I used.  If you aren't (and there are so many options at your local hardware store) then you'll obviously want to drill a hole based on your specific need and if your hook requires a nut on the other side of a bolt you'll be removing the back seat.  Been there, done that, for the center brake light flasher but it isn't necessary with this particular hook.

What You'll Need
1- Hook of your choice.  As you can see in the photo (right) I used the exact hook Toyota uses for the cargo netting at the rear of the trunk.  The reason, it matches everything else and you don't have to bolt it in.  Just drill a hole and push the pointy end in.  Snap, it's locked in until you push the button in the center.  The hook is available from your Toyota dealer or Amazon.  I'll wait while you absorb the price. ;(  Like I said, there are many options.

1- Bag/Tote of your choice.  The bag shown above is an inexpensive 12" Harbor Freight soft tool bag.

Easy release hooks, chains, straps to attach your bag to the newly installed hook. 

How To Do It

1. Cover your rear bumper and trunk threshold
with a blanket to protect against scratches.  You'll be leaning into the trunk for this and you really don't want to discover scuffs on your paint after this simple mod is done.

2. Remove one of the net hooks from the rear of the trunk by pushing the center button.
 You're doing this just to gauge hole sizes, not to steal one of your existing hooks (unless you never use them for anything else anyway).  Notice there are two holes, the one on top is much larger than the guide pin hole on the bottom. 

3. Grab your drill bits
and find the two sizes closest to the holes Toyota drilled in the trunk for this hook by sliding the shank of each drill into the appropriate hole.  Don't go oversize or the hook might not lock in properly.

4. Mark the place
in the trunk where you want to mount the hook.  Ideally you'll have your bag of choice and can measure from handle to hook adding your attachment device (strap, carabiner, chain).  I knew from experience there was nothing on the other side of the wall to hit in the location I drilled.  If you choose another spot be sure to check for wiring. 

To mark the spot I used a tiny bit of shave cream on each of the hook pins then lightly pressed the assembly against the trunk liner.  You should end up with two dots.

5. Start drilling.  If your drill doesn't seem to be cutting properly and you know it's sharp check the tip after trying to pierce the liner for a few seconds.  I found liner material piled up on the tip of the drill preventing it from cutting.  Clean the debris off and from then on you shouldn't have any trouble.  When finished you should have one large and one small hole drilled, aligned vertically. 

6. Pop in the hook.  If you were really accurate with your marking and drilling that hook assembly is going to pop right in and lock in place.  I wasn't that good and had to 'slot' the bottom hole just a scosh so the alignment pin would pop in. You may also have to push hard the first time as the liner is thicker than the plastic/metal assembly the hook originally fit into.  Once the liner has been crushed a little inserting and removing the hook, should you ever need to do it, is much easier. 

7. Hang your bag.  If you measured before installing the hook you might have found a place where the bag handle fits right over the hook without putting a lot of weight on it.  In the top of page photo you can see I used a couple of carabiners to secure the tool bag because the bag is short and the hook is...right where I want it to be.  There are so many other options from straps to chains.  Handcuffs, now that might work too!
8. Done!  Beer

Now all you have to do is decide what you'll put in there.  Emergency rations?  Clothing?  Tools?