Light Your Trunk
A Simple Replacement For That Anemic OEM Light Bulb

  Trunk Light

Have you opened your trunk at night and thought to yourself....self, what's with the puny little bulb Toyota used to light this huge space?  This super simple (plug and play) mod will take care of that for about ten bucks. 

What You'll Need

1. An LED strip made for the purpose.  I used this product posted on Amazon.  It comes with an adapter to plug into the existing trunk bulb socket.  It's everything you'll need to make this so easy.

Do you have your LED strip in hand?  Great, let's do this!


1. Head for the garage and open the trunk.  Look for the scrawny little bulb and note it's covered by a plastic cage.  Open that cage.  There's a tiny latch that may take some searching to find.  The cage portion will hinge down.

2. Remove the original light bulb.  I couldn't get my fingers on it so used a very small zip tie wound around the bulb and gave it a tug.  The bulb comes straight down, no twists no turns no nuthin'. 

3. Note the base of the bulb and match it with one of the adapters included with the LED strip.  Push that adapter up into the now empty socket.

Trunk Light

4. Connect the LED strip to the socket using the supplied connector.  The wire length will help you determine where the strip can be placed which happens to be a nice flat spot. 

5. Wet a rag or paper towel with rubbing alcohol and clean the area where the LED strip will be mounted thoroughly.  Once the surface is nice and dry stick the strip to the car.  A drop of silicone glue on the wire will stick it solidly to the surface between the socket and LED strip to prevent it vibrating loose.

6. You're done!  Beer  Unless you have a hybrid Avalon, you can now look through the hatch in the center of the back seat to make sure the light is off when the trunk is closed (it will be).