LED Fog Lights
Let Your Fogs Match Your Headlights

  Before-After Fogs
Ok, busted.  The photo above is of my Acura but it's exactly the same mod with exactly theAftermarket Fogs same bulb and I forgot to take before/after pictures of the Avalon.  This mod is almost exclusively for owners of the Avalon Touring model equipped with LED headlights or the Limited which comes with HID headlights.  If your Avalon is equipped with Halogen headlight bulbs just stick with what you've got unless you're changing to another (LED or HID) headlight.  If your Avalon didn't come with fogs don't despair.  They're available on Amazon and probably eBay.  They are a direct replacement  Anyway, as you can see, there's a substantial difference between the original halogen bulb and the much whiter LED.  While the original bulb may be better as a true 'fog' light the color mismatch just looks goofy and the fix is so simple.
What You'll Need

1. A pair of LED bulbs.  I purchased the one shown at right from Amazon.  It's a 5000k bulb so the color almost exactly matches the HID headlights in the Avalon Limited. 


1. Turn your front wheels to the opposite of the side you're working on.  If you're replacing the left side fog, turn the wheels to the right etc.  This will give you plenty of room to work.
2. Remove fasteners from the front of the wheel well.  There are four of them, all (curiously) different.  One at the top, attaching the inner liner to the fender is a standard plastic keeper.  Pry the center out with a small flat blade screwdriver or a fingernail then remove the entire plug.  Next in line is threaded.  You remove the center part by unscrewing it with a Phillips style screwdriver then removing the whole plug.  The one at the bottom is removed with a small flat blade screwdriver.  Turn to the left 1/4 turn and pull out the whole plug.  Finally, remove a 10mm bolt under the car that's removed with a socket or wrench.   

3. Pull the inner liner back so you can see the fog light socket.  Remove the socket by turning 1/4 turn to the left.  Remove the bulb and replace it with your new LED bulb.

4. Test the side you just worked on by turning on the headlights (be sure the fog switch is also on).  If everything looks good, button up that side then move to the other and repeat the above steps. 

5. Done! Beer

By the way, this is the same procedure you'd use to replace your turn signal bulbs.