Mirror Your Phone Screen To The Nav Screen
Note: This Mod Does Not Apply To Models Without Factory Navigation

Screen Mirror

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Don't you sometimes wish automakers would get over creating their own navigation and entertainment screens and just go with what works.....like our cell phone screens?  Smart phones have been around for more than a decade and someone at ToyotaChevroletFordHondaEtAl should have noticed they're really simple to operate.  Want tunes, touch a button.  Want a map, touch a button or just talk to the phone.  Well stop waiting for the automakers!  What you'll find on this page is a phone mirroring system that works for both Android and iOS phones though there are some differences.  It all starts with a module that interfaces with your car's entertainment system wiring and couple of other easily found bits. 

The fine print.....

WARNING!:  This system is NOT intended for use, and should not be used, by the driver while the vehicle is in motion.  Use of this system by the driver while the vehicle is in motion may result in serious injuries and/or death to the driver or other occupants or other unspecified damages. 
Whew, now that that's out of the way...

I once again went to Prestigious Society for a module and harness.  There are at least two competitors, Beat-Sonic and  Navtool so it's obvious these systems are fairly popular.  The Beat-Sonic system installs almost exactly the same as the PS system, the Navtool unit is the high zoot system that allows you to include additional inside or outside cameras.  The Prestigious Society unit I'll show you on this page not only mirrors your phone but also allows you to watch video and trick your nav system (should you choose to use that instead of Google/Apple Maps or Waze) into believing you're parked while cruising merrily along.  Not that you, as a driver would want to watch a movie or play with the nav system (or your phone) while moving but your passenger probably would....You could even piggy back the RGB signal to screens in the back seat for the kids.  Lets do this for them.

Now, before you get too excited a reminder these are all phone screen 'mirroring' systems.  You won't be able to touch the car's nav/entertainment screen and operate your phone.  You still have to use your phone to bring up and activate apps.  If that's a show stopper then read no further.  A great many of us will happily leave the phone in a cup holder or the Avalon's pad meant for the phone just to see items displayed much larger on the vehicle screen.  And then there's the movie thing.  

What You'll Need
Parts Layout
1. Prestigious Society Navigation and Video Enhancement Harness. 
This harness simply plugs into the connectors currently plugged into your head unit and then into the head unit.  It's like an extra few inches of wiring except there's a magic box in the mix that tricks your car's system into thinking it's parked and the parking brake is on.  From the factory those two things are necessary to use most of your entertainment system's capabilities and view video. Note: For the photo (right) I've spread out all the wiring and connectors so they could be labeled.  During the install you'll (hopefully) be bundling everything together and zip tying so it's all compact and tidy.

2. Prestigious Society Mobile Entertainment Interface Harness.
  This harness simply plugs into the harness above and is the first step in allowing your phone to be viewed on the nav screen.  The PS system actually replaces the Aux tab you currently see with another reading A/V (audio/video). 

3. Five volt power supply to operate either the Miracast receiver (Android) or Apple Lightning adapter detailed below.  This can be a simple USB plug that slips into your front console accessory connector or a separate power reducer that can be spliced into the accessory connection or the PS harness. 

4. For Android Phones
with Miracast capability (most 4.2 and above but check because not all have it after 6.1)

a. A Miracast receiver like this one.  This device will capture the signal froMiracastm your phone and convert it to an HDMI signal that plugs into the converter below.  Only Android phone users can do this wireless trick, iOS doesn't offer Miracast.
b. HDMI to AV ConverterThis box will convert the signal from your Miracast to standard RGB then will send it to your screen via the PS harness.

5. For iPhones

a. Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter (Part Number: MD826AM/A) Like this.  Converts your lightning cable signal to HDMI
b. Lightning to USB Charging Cable (4 inches Lighting to USB)
Like this.  Provides power to the adapter above
c. Lighting Extension Cable (3 feet Plug to Socket)
like this. It's an extension for the lightning cable to give you some room to move around the cabin as you'll be connected to your car by wire.
d. HDMI to AV Converter.  This box converts the HDMI signal from your phone to RGB your car can use.

How To Do It

1. Gather all the parts
listed above and plug everything in (except the car ends of course) to be sure you have everything.  The Android setup is shown in the photo above right.  The Apple setup is similar except the digital AV adaptor replaces the Miracast receiver and type of power cable will be lightning instead of micro usb.

2. Put your car in accessory mode and note your radio station and other settings.  You'll be removing power from the radio and all settings will be lost.  Remove dash panels as necessary to remove entertainment head unit.  The Prestigious Society instructions detail this very well but there's also a YouTube video posted here.  It's for a different system but you'll see how easy it is to remove panels. 

3. Once the head unit is out start comparing plugs on your new harness to those connected to the back of the unit.  It's impossible to make a mistake since they're all different.  Simply unplug the OEM harness then plug your new connector into the unit and the OEM harness into the appropriate harness connector.

4. You probably decided where you'd take your 12v power from (for the Miracast or Apple units and HDMI to AV converter) during your layout process.  If you'll be connecting to the car's accessory outlet this is the time to put an appropriate connector on your power reducer unit and plug in.  If you're just plugging in the USB connectors from the Miracast or Apple units to an accessory adapter you might have to cut a small notch to get wiring into the audio cubby.  I took the 12v right off the PS harness (red wire) and ground from one of the bolts on the side of the radio.  It's just tidier. Note: After making all your connections if you can see bare metal anyplace spend an extra couple of minutes and tape it.  This is just for safety because there are metal bits where you're dropping this harness and you really don't need any part of it shorting out. 

5. When everything is connected but before you put the radio all the way back in its place test the front console cubbyConsole lid.  Make sure it opens smoothly and completely (don't force it).  If there's any obstruction reach in behind the radio and move harnesses and the  new black boxes around.  Tip: I zip tied all cables and tucked them off to the left of the opening.  I put all of the 'boxes' (PS control, Miracast, HDMI to AV) on top of the console where the first panel you removed will cover them.  That way I'll be able to access them without pulling the radio.  Once that's sorted put the radio all the way in and check the sliding cover again.  If it moves smoothly put the four bolts back in, plug that bottom center connector for the clock/ac/heat control screen back in.  Don't replace any panels yet.

6. Time for a test. 
Push the start button once to put the car in 'accessory' mode.  Your head unit screen should come on (it may tell you to wait while it runs a system check).  Look for an A/V tab where you normally see BT or ACC or AM FM etc.  Touch that new tab.  Put your phone into 'Screen Mirror' mode (Android, it's probably similar for iOS) and follow the screen instructions (sync for Android). You should see your phone screen in all its glory.  Try an app!  If the video doesn't fill the screen when in landscape mode go to Setup and choose "Stretch" which should fix that issue. 

At this point you not only have phone screen mirroring but you can also play a DVD.  Go ahead, pop one in and drive around the block.  Want to use the native nav system while the car is in motion?  No problem, hit the volume down button on the steering wheel 2 times then volume up 2 times.  Your navigator can now find addresses and POIs while moving.  Be sure to go through the volume switch sequence again after you've finished with the nav so it can update your location.

7. If everything works as expected replace panels.  The AC vent panel just snaps in place but don't forget to plug in the hazard flasher connector. Snap the bottom of the leather steering column piece back into the holes it came out of.  Check the center console drawer again to be sure it's moving properly.  If not you can still get your hand in under the radio to redistribute whatever's hanging it up.  Reconnect the light in the center panel and snap it back into place by pushing toward the front of the car.

8. Reset the clock and your radio station/sound settings noted when you started this project. 

I discovered a couple of things during installation not mentioned in the instructions that I'll pass along. These tips could be handy for any harness you might add to your Avalon's head unit.

A. To remove the leather piece that fills the gap between the steering column and dash, just pull it straight up to release it from the steering column. Here's where one of those plastic tools comes in handy and it isn't really shown very well in the instructions or the video mentioned earlier. Rather than putting any stress on the leather and risking a tear by pulling on it, just dig the tool or small screwdriver into the top of the steering column just in front of the leather piece and pry up. You'll hear a couple of clicks and voila! It's free and will stay attached to the upper panel.

B. There's a plug that has to be disconnected at the bottom of the nav/ac panel before you can pull the whole panel out of the dash. Rather than pulling the entire panel toward you then struggling to balance it and disconnect the AC display connector at the same time, just reach up through the opening you created when you removed that bottom dash panel, feel for the connector (it's the only thing down there with wires coming out of it), press the latch and pull. Once you know you can reach the connector this way it's so much simpler than trying to balance the nav panel and disconnect.

C. I didn't find any need to remove the shift knob as shown in the video, but I do suggest using all the padding they show just to protect your interior from Murphy's Law.

D. If your phone won't go to landscape mode from its launcher screen you may need an app that will allow it to do that or (Android) try a different launcher. I've used the Nova launcher for Android for quite awhile.  It offers many options your oem screen might not, including landscape mode. 


Radio's Out..Use Padding All Hooked Up Back In
Top Left, Radio Out
Center Top, All Connected, Ready For Reinstall
Right Top, Testing, Screen Shows Picture Of Picture Being Taken
Bottom Left, Photo Of Screen While Mirroring Camera Taking Pic

Bottom Right, Tools Include Towel(s) Blue Tape, Electrical Tape,
Panel Removal Tool (you can use a screwdriver), 1/4" Socket Wrench, Extension, 10mm & 8mm, Sockets, Crimp Tool, Flashlight
What Infinity Looks Like   All The Tools You'll Need