The Modifications And Instructions On This Site Apply To The 2013 Through 2018 Toyota Avalon.  Many Will Work For Other Vehicle Makes/Models But Installations Will Vary From The Tutorials In These Pages.

Please Use Common Sense When Attempting Any Of These Modifications.  Some Are Very Simple, Some You Might Want To Consider Hiring a Professional For.  Much Depends On How Comfortable You Are Dealing With Vehicle Electrical Circuits, Pulling Panels Or Attaching Accessory Wiring To Existing Circuits.  While The Worst That Could Probably Happen With Any Of These Projects Is A Blown Fuse, I Am Not Responsible For Anything; You Are Responsible For Everything If Something Gets Broken As A Result Of Or During Any Modification....Including You ;) 

Add a Long Range Remote Start

Park It Easy With a Front Facing Camera


Avalon Nav
Trick Your Navigation With A Bypass

Screen Mirror
Mirror Your Phone To The Navigation / Entertainment Screen

Switchback Bulb
Turn Your Turn Signals Into DRLs
Mood Lighting
Add Mood Lighting

Paint Your Calipers

Courtesy Lights
Add Footwell Lighting

Engine Light
Light Your Engine Compartment

Trunk Light
Light Your Trunk

Reflector Mod
Change Your Reflector From Passive To Active

LED Backup
LED Backup Lights

Match Headlights With LED Fogs

Add a Dash Cam For Safety & Fun

Headlight Tinted 
Tint Your Headlights
Secure Your 'Go' Bag In The Trunk
Stop The (AC) Stink

Line Your Glovebox

Here's A Super Simple Way To Organize Your Center Console

Replace Your OEM Rear Turn Signal Bulbs With Brighter LEDs
Add A Power Port For Back Seat Guests (they'll get a charge out of it)

(nearly) Invisible Radar Detector Mount

Show Pride In Your Ride With Ghost Lights

< One Minute Air Filter Swap
Fast Flash
Flash Your Center Brake Light

Car Apps To Make Your Ride More Fun/Enjoyable/Safer
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